Lead-Free Reflow Solder Systems


Compact N2 Reflow Soldering System

TNP20-307PH / TNP25-337PM
  • Outstanding heating capacity by the existing hot air circulation system that has been proven excellent by its actual achievements.
  • Enhanced maintenanceability by loading the flux collection unit.
  • PC-controlled high operationabilty Various serviceable functions are available, i.e. applicable to multi-languages (Japanese, English, Chinese), control of system operation record, control of production record, etc.
  • 7 heating zones, one cooling zone.

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Air Reflow Systems


Tamura Reflow Advantages
  • Adjustable air blow speed
  • Heater Temp ≅ Blow Air Temp
  • Profile Temp ≅ Setting Temp
  • Best At performance in its class
  • Lowest run cost in its class

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