Tamura HA Machinery has acheived great success and has won many prestigious awards. We have also been featured in many magazines and this News/Events section was created to showcase our success as well as keep you updated on technological advances in our industry. Events such as trade shows that we attend and other upcoming events will also be displayed and updated daily! Thank you for choosing Tamura HA Machinery!

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Articles and Awards for 2007

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Welcome to TAMURA H.A Machinery.
Tamura H.A. Machinery distributes and services the complete line of Tamura Wave, Reflow and Selective Soldering equipment for America's electronics manufacturing industries. Pioneers and promoters of the lead-free soldering process, Tamura enables 100% lead-free production in many of the world's largest electronics manufacturing companies. Though Research and Development, we continue to provide the industry with the most advanced and reliable equipment minimizing the need for service and striving to preserve the environment.

With innovations like our FLIP (Flat Linear Induction Pump) solder bath technology, we continue to distance ourselves from all other competitors with the best technological advancement in the market today. Tamura continually introduces new products and features designed to reduce equipment run cost, improve quality, and innovate the soldering process.

We at Tamura HA pride ourselves in customer support and guarantee the best possible assistance to all of our customers. Our customer service provides the quickest possible solution to all your questions and needs. Tamura HA customer assistance is conducted by the most qualified and experienced engineers in the industry to provide you with the best possible service available. Our customers are of the utmost importance to us at Tamura HA and we promise to uphold the value and importance of our customer support with no room for error!


"We support Green Manufacturing..." Decades of technological advancement has pushed the market towards electronic miniaturization with multi-functional features.While consumers fuel this demand, preserving our environment has become the goal of our society. Our company proactively promotes and strives to support Green Electronic Manufacturing.