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about us
Established in 1998 by Byung Kim, Tamura HA has been recognized for its industrial innovation in soldering equipment and environment friendly products. Since its establishment Tamura HA has been featured in various magazines such as EM Asia Magazine and has received awards from Global Technology, Advanced Technology, and SMT for the category of "Best New Product" in Environment Friendly soldering equipment. Our quality assured and technologically advanced products have serviced companies such as Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi Automotive, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, and Sharp for many years. Tamura HA continues to produce the most technologically advanced products in the industry today.
Tamura H.A. Machinery distributes and services the complete line of Tamura Wave, Reflow and Selective Soldering equipment for America's electronics manufacturing industries. Pioneers and promoters of the lead-free soldering process, Tamura enables 100% lead-free production in many of the world's largest electronics manufacturing companies.

With innovations like our FLIP (Flat Linear Induction Pump) solder bath technology, Tamura continually introduces new products and features designed to reduce equipment run cost, improve quality, and innovate the soldering process.

Whether your production requires a stand alone, cell-type or inline selective solution, Tamura systems enable your products to perform as intended and ensure 100% lead-free production.

Partner with the world leader in the development of lead-free wave, selective and reflow soldering systems.
"We support Green Manufacturing..." Decades of technological advancement has pushed the market towards electronic miniaturization with multi-functional features.While consumers fuel this demand, preserving our environment has become the goal of our society. Our company proactively promotes and strives to support Green Electronic Manufacturing.